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We believe it doesn't get cooler (or more achingly up-to-date) than really caring... for our people, our communities, our resources, our planet. That's why, with radical tenderness, we are rewriting the narrative around fashion:

From a genderless mindset we create timeless pieces that celebrate a more inclusive future and the joy of owning less.

Convinced that we are looped we strive for maximum transparency and circularity.

Restoring confidence we bring back the sheer pleasure of looking fabulous - oh, how we've been longing for that!


Established in 2021, MAWO emerged from a shared vision for a fairer, more compassionate fashion world and an eagerness to celebrate the joyful ritual of self-expression through clothing. Since then, we've been consistently striving to be a part of the change we want to see in the world. Using primarily dead stock, we craft progressive, trend-defying looks that reflect the hopes of the modern, conscientious trailblazer.

The term MAWO is a nod to the Polish MALO, meaning little or few, embodying our commitment to minimalism in every sense: from timeless designs to limited production runs and reduced use of natural resources. Our journey began by elevating a wardrobe essential: the white shirt, a timeless staple. While we've expanded to revamp other classics, the shirt remains a cherished favourite.

The Pale Blue Dot

On February 14, 1990 astronomer Carl Sagan asked NASA's Voyager 1 to spin its camera around and take a photo of the Earth. Shot from around 6 billion km away, our planet's first selfie showed a pixel-small Earth suspended against a limitless universe. Its sheer size caused Sagan to name it a "pale blue dot".

At MAWO we resonate deeply with Sagan's ideas: we believe in caring  - for Earth's resources and for all the people touched by our business, in fostering a sense of collective responsibility for the pale blue dot.

Maria & Sergiusz

Mawo is the brainchild of MZ and SZ, a para-medic turned accomplished model and a lawyer passionate about community-making and aesthetics. Their ecological upbringing combined with a discerning understanding of the fashion industry led them to embark on the journey of establishing a clothing brand that is progressive and sophisticated yet sustainable to the core.